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Thanks Giving

It is a wonderful life, most of the time.  I had a busy summer, with a daughter getting married.  And, my “baby” left the nest for college.  It’s hard to believe that our lives are onto the next stage.  I believe that the nest is never truly empty until the kids actually “launch”. 😉

I’m learning that I need to learn to be thankful for the little things. Better yet, I need to recognize them.  Today I had a wonderful day with some great nurses. Interestingly enough, there were a few there that I had known from former jobs I had done or from my personal life, and it was great to reconnect. I felt refreshed and renewed by the end of the day. It was a wonderfully positive experience.


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I love the springtime! The days are longer, the air is fresher, the lawn turns greener. Everything comes out of hibernation. I need to come out of hibernation too.

Winters are busy, but not “active”. I am good at making excuses for not being active. The longer I wait, the harder it gets. I will run my first 5K in September. I’d better get moving. No more excuses. I can do it, you know. 🙂

Did you know “Ellen” is on a quest for “world domination”? I wrote her a note that I would climb our highest mountain in our state, and display her flag on the top. I wonder if she’ll take me up on it. I haven’t walked that mountain since the kids were small. The grandkids may have to push me up it.

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There is nothing like a good high school basketball game, especially among rival teams. Even better when you know the players! When a game is tied in regulation with a buzzer-beater, goes into overtime, tied again, then into another overtime….everyone has got their money’s worth. It’s always unfortunate that someone has to be on the losing end. I LOVE THOSE GAMES, and to me it doesn’t matter who wins, even when my son is playing.
It seems to matter to most people. Most people are very competitive at heart. I can understand the “wanting to win”, but why are we so disappointed when we try our hardest. At some point, playing games isn’t just for fun anymore. When did that change?

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Ordinary Days

I watched a movie called something like, “The Wonder of Ordinary Days” this weekend. It was a hallmark special. The main character learned to appreciate the beauty in the mundane. She learned by the simple day-to-day behaviors of others that respect, caring, love, honesty, friendship, and thoughtfulness are truly what is most important. She had been striving for something outside of her reach, and it was not what was best for her.

I’ve felt kind of frumpy lately. This morning, I figured out why. This is my mom’s birthday month, and I miss her dearly. My mom would describe herself as being “ordinary”. But, it is in these simple characteristics that she brought such meaning to my life, and she is remembered in ordinary things. I hope that my life sets the same sort of example.

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Over the River, and Through the Woods…

I took my middle son back to college today.  The ride to there was filled with meaningful and whimsical conversation.  I am so proud of the young man he has become.  We had lunch in the dining hall, with him very thoughtfully “taking care of me”. 🙂  The extra hug as I left him there is especially meaningful, a sign of his genuine caring and love.

On the way home, there was no music playing.  I enjoyed the quiet rumble of the car’s engine, and the absolutely beautiful views.  The drive is definitely a “back road” one, with small ponds, stony brooks and streams, and old farms/farmhouses (some abandoned) along the way.  We had several inches of fresh snow overnight, the sky was blue with cottony clouds, and the temperature was just above freezing, so the plows had done their job, and the sun had done the rest.  There was an abandoned haywagon in the middle of a snow covered field, a pair of horses in a snow-covered corral, a house with americana designs in various areas on the sides, another with some beautiful wooden art (kind of like the wood puzzle pictures, with various shades and types of wood…I’ve bought two of them at art shows.  Small ones because they are a little pricey.  But the sides of a house? WOW!).  And I love the intricate designs and lattice-work in some of the porch areas.  There was a lonely sugar house that will be busy in the early spring, some general stores with their wares on the porch, and several small white community churches, one proudly displaying “Built in 1812”.  I love taking the time to notice, forming pictures in my mind, often talking to myself.  I do that alot…Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this ride with me.

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My Birthday Party

I’m indoors now, but I can see the sun shining on that white snow, and even some blue skies with gray fluffy clouds in the distance.  The chicken soup is on the stove, I can hear it simmering and smell the seasoned aroma.  The shower is running, signaling that it’s great when teens grow old enough to recognize the value of good hygiene, but it’s always a contest having some bathroom time.

I’ve decided since tomorrow is my birthday that I’m going to have a “party”.  I’m taking my husband, kids, and grandkids to the bowling alley.  We’ll take out two lanes for an hour or so, eat some pizza and some cake, and poke fun at each other’s poor technique and gutter balls.  I’m not a bowler, and I hate watching it on TV, but making a date of it once every several years can be alot of fun!

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Grandchildren Are a Blessing

I am fortunate to have six beautiful grandchildren.  Three of them are at our home several days a week after work.  Because they are there so often,  and always when I arrive home from work, sometimes it seems intrusive.  Some of my other grandchildren I see less often, and always with a newfound enjoyment.  I need to appreciate  “what I have” every day.  That’s something that I vow to work on in the coming months.  They enjoy coming to our home, and I am going to *feel* more welcoming whenever I see them.  They grow up so quickly, and every moment counts.  I am putting on “new eyes” today to help me see the specialness that they bring to our lives on a daily basis, making each moment count.

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How Fortunate Are We?

The earthquake in Haiti was devastating.  This natural disaster  toppled a country that already was impoverished.  As I sat in my warm, cozy home, drinking  my fresh, hot coffee, dressed in my comfy  bathrobe, on the internet, watching the news,  and ate my cereal and banana this morning, my biggest problem being the dog getting off of her lead:), there is no way that I can fully understand the weight that lay upon the Haitian people.  I pray that this gives the country an opportunity for renewal, that out of tragedy comes generosity and understanding, as well as recognition of the need that lies outside of ourselves.  Haiti seems so far away, but a church group from a neighboring town was just there last week on a mission.  It may have hit closer to home than we think.

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It’s a Beautiful Ride

I always enjoy the drive in to work.  I drop my youngest son off at school.  He graduates this year, and I will miss the ride.  We drive through farm country, roadsides lined with beautiful views:  Mountains and trees, stony pastures, farm animals and wildlife, graceful and sometimes ominous clouds, changing seasons and colors, and the sun on the rise at varying degrees.  The view is ever changing, and always a picture.  I’m quick to point out to my son something that strikes me as we pass this area.  I don’t know how much he truly appreciates it, but hopefully he will learn to recognize the beauty that surrounds us every day.  It took me years to really take the time to notice…

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It IS a Wonderful Life…

It IS a Wonderful Life! I loved the movie with Jimmy Stewart.  We never know the roles that we play in each others’ lives, and how even simple actions can make a difference.  I hope to use this space to count my blessings, notice the blessings of others, and learn to be thankful for what I have and  am.  I want to be a good steward in this life.  Perhaps I’ll even see the “wonderful” in the mundane, or the challenges that come my way.  I hope this journey is a lesson in faith and the strength of believing,  of setting goals and meeting them,  of personal growth, and in recognizing the value of action and work.

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